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Since 1997 has been developing web based software, including dynamic websites that empower the owner or administrator with the ability to update the content without any knowledge of html. Unlike the many "build it yourself" templates that allow website creators to click a few buttons and have a templated web page with their name branded on it. Our W3C compliant websites are high end, professional, and most importantly unique web presents that have the fortune 500 look and functionality with content that's completely editable from the backoffice. The content editor concept has been expanded through out the years to include photo galleries that size images and create separate copies for the thumbnail and full size images with a single click of an upload button. Adobe's Flash has embedded the AS3 scripting language, and we've been able to use our management interfaces to create XML files that "talk" to the AS3 script. We have used this technology to create editable photo galleries, mp3 players and video players that are completely editable from the backoffice but display in a flash file (a type of movie file) with sound and motion, on the front end.. Check out a few examples below:
Coleman Motor Company, Inc. Opens Email Client with 'To:' Address Loaded Pop-up Window with Contact Information Visit
Coleman Motor Company was one of the first business I met when I relocated to the Fredericksburg Virginia area, way back in 1991. That was an earlier career when I managed the service department for one of the area's car dealerships. I was very impressed with how professional this, seemingly "mom & pop" business operated, while maintaining a very personal touch that you don't get from today's corporate environment. Needless to say, that was just the beginning of a long term friendship & business relationship. I've managed their business network, which was one of the first to adapt SSD in all of the laptops & desktops, as well as adding a NAS server and an extensive wireless network. built the Coleman's first web site back in 1997, and has hosted the site ever since. A mobile site was added several years back & was one of the first mobile sites had up on the internet. Last year the site was re-written to bring it up to current W3C & CSS standards, as well as to reflect the updated logo. A few new pages have been added along with a very dynamic photo gallery which allows an unlimited number of galleries, under which you can associate an unlimited number of photos. One of the nicest features of the photo gallery is that the owner only needs to add the photo in the backoffice. This can be done with a huge photo, right off the digital camera, the software will make two copies of the photo and re-size those copies into a thumbnail and a full size image, finally deleting the huge image off the server. Making maintaining the photo gallery a breeze and very customer friendly.
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Here's a site from the owners of 'The Mad Crab' restaurant chain. It's a very nice example of my dynamic photo gallery which uses several languages to let site administrators to create or edit existing galleries and add images to the galleries, without having to edit the image before hand. By simply pushing up the full size image, the software copies the image and resizes it to both a thumbnail image as well as the full-size image, sized to fit nicely into the display area of the photo gallery.
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As a strategic partner of 360Solutions, Priority 1 is a leading provider of employee training. This site includes an "Add a Page" feature that gives the owner the ability to add new web pages to the site as needed. The links for the added pages can be associated as dynamic drop down links subordinate to the primary navigational links or they can be linked into the site via the content editor and the link added anywhere in the content of the website.
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You want great Texas/Chicago Style Blues? You want some of that filthy Rhthym and Funk? You want "Virginia's Blues Sensation" THE BLUES BUCKETS! This site includes the editable flash based mp3 player. Check out the mp3 player and The Blues Bucket's latest album - avalible in it's entirety on the website.
The Mad Crab Opens Email Client with 'To:' Address Loaded Pop-up Window with Contact Information Visit
I once ran an ad in AdVantage Magazine for my camera services. One of the calls I received on the ad was from Gary Taylor, after meeting with Gary and Tamera I ended up putting camera systems in 3 out of the 4 Mad Crab restaurants. After switching over the DSL circuit on the SouthPoint location to a dedicated IP address to stabilize the remote camera connection. We started talking about websites, while looking at domain name alternatives, I found a premium domain '' available for only $250.00 - the least expensive premium domain I've ever seen. Needless to say I recommended the domain and a site was built to advertise all 4 locations. When Gary's 'Hard-Scape' business blew up and it was time to print business cards and build a website, he called upon me once again. Check out
Virginia SemiConductor Opens Email Client with 'To:' Address Loaded Pop-up Window with Contact Information Visit
Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. (VSI) is a leading manufacturer of prime silicon substrates. Online since 1997, has withstood the test of time and many browser revisions. was the first website in the world to sell silicon wafers online, through a customized shopping cart application, and it has spawned two other websites for their global distributors and for their special SOI-Wafers. is currently receiving a major re-write. It's time to bring both the artwork and the html up to 2012 standards. Stay tuned for the new site announcement !
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